“Turandot was the opera that the Aurora Theatre Management in Gozo chose as their production for 2012. Their star singer in the title role was the Russian soprano Maria Guleghina.  Guleghina has the right steely voice for the role, with absolute freedom at the top. This is not a long part but but it strains the voice which needs to be sustained at high tension all the time.  Guleghina sailed through the role with its high tessitura with a seeming effortlessness hitting the high notes spot on.  In the final scene her voice became mellower and softer.  Her wide dynamic range and superb voice control enabled her to move with equal effortlessness from powerful fortissimos to a pianissimo which still remained audible throughout the theatre.”

The Malta Independent

“This time the Aurora came up with one of its best productions ever. Having the famed Maria Guleghina on stage is an event in itself.

Did not her huge voice fill up the big house! It was all in character with the role which demands stamina and intelligence. Guleghina also struck one as a generous singer and a generous colleague, touching everybody’s heart when, at the end, she congratulated and acknowledged all fellow members of the cast.

The audience loved her and she responded with utter sincerity and warmth.”

The Times