“Maria Guleghina made a magical debut as Aida on stage of the Mariinsky Theatre. She managed to breath-in new life even into such a lifeless production of this particular Aida. Here, an authentic performance was magically taking place. Absolutely no static opera-diva-poses, just movements, passion and impulse to convey the music. Impossible to forget the seduction-dance of Radames in the Scene at the Nile – Aida’s dance which for all listeners became a sensation. Maria Guleghina came up with this dance herself. The singer performed barefooted, as if trying to give her heroine more authenticity, lifelikeness – and she was very convincing. The story of this unfortunate yet at the same time “happy” Ethiopian Princess, in captivity, about whom Verdi wrote his opera, was very credible.”

Translation by N.N.
Original and full review: http://www.spbvedomosti.ru/article.htm?id=10309686@SV_Articles