“Maria Guleghina, dramatic soprano. Diva of the Opera World. It was her first time as Eboli, her first time at the Bolshoi, her first time as a mezzo-soprano. And this voice, with a timbre as if embraced in soft satin and hot chocolate, with the first note that captures you, and does not release you, it haunts you with passionate and painful sufferings. As if the whole melodrama is refined and complete in the voice of Maria Guleghina. And this voice is absolutely wonderful, because – absolutely expressive.

Which ease, and elegant lightness sounds in the trills “Nel giardin del bello. Which pain, and poignant remorse in the iconic aria “O Don Fatale”. Delightful modulations merge and untwine, and the feeling arrises there is no end to suffering… When all of a sudden a complete transformation occurs of the physical beauty of Princess Eboli into her spiritual beauty.

Like a sparkling wine of passion is the vocality of Guleghina. In an unconstraint gesture – treachery and love. With the part of Eboli, Maria Guleghina brought to the Bolshoi something greater. Charismatic personality, absolutely tremendous reality of life on stage, the all destroying legend of her amazing career. And who knows, may be on Opening Night, Maria Guleghina repeated the words of Maria Callas: “I know what is expected of me. I must keep my mark. And I will keep it – no matter what it costs me.”

Translated from Russian by N.N.
Original and full Review: http://zavtra.ru/content/view/don-karlos-rab-svobodyi/