“The soprano Maria Guleghina brings her powerful voice and presence to the role of Dolly.”

Anthony Tommasini – The New York Times

“Fortunately, he has the support of an extremely strong cast. Maria Guleghina, the Russian-born soprano who has become a favorite leading lady at the Met, gives a powerful vocal and dramatic performance as Dolly, a kept woman with a heart of gold.”

Frederick M. Winship – UPI

“Soprano Maria Guleghina was more than a match for Sly with a powerful characterization of Dolly. Dolly was the Count of Westmoreland’s mistress. She had all the trappings of wealth but her heart was empty. Ms. Guleghina’s voice was clear and powerful and her phrasing expressive.”

SD – Ă“pera Actual (Spain)

“He had a worthy partner in Maria Guleghina, whose strong, penetrating timbre, albeit with patches of reckless vocalism, conveyed passion and conviction.”

John W. Freeman – Opera News